Work Permits and Visas for Diplomats working in Uganda

Diplomats accredited for service in Uganda are required to apply for leave to work in Uganda under Class A category.

The documents needed while making the application include;


  1. The Covering/introduction letter from the Embassy
  2. Fill the Work permit Form, it is the official entry application form
  3. You are required to upload a copy of your passport and a passport size photo.


Diplomats accredited for service in Uganda do not pay fees for application and obtaining a work permit to work in Uganda. Therefore although obtaining an embassy visa in Uganda is free, you still have to lodge a formal application.


 Work permits for persons intending to carry out mining in Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful country blessed with over 60 types of minerals. These are found all over the country and spread out in different regions. The mining sector profile is quite impressive some of the minerals found in Uganda include Gold, Iron ore, Diamonds, Phosphates, Petroleum, copper, Tin, Cobalt, Magnetite, Chronite, Uranium among many others.

For companies interested in mining in Uganda, and persons intending to invest in the business of prospecting for minerals or mining in Uganda, they are required to apply for work permits under Class C.

The Application Requirements include

  • Fill Entry / wok permit form
  • Photocopies of passport
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Attach Covering letter from company
  • License issued by Ministry of Natural Resources, specifically the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
  • Articles and memorandum of Association of the Company and other company documentation
  • Supportive letter from Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Security bond
  • Uganda Investment Authority License
  • Interpol letter from home country


The official government fees and cost of a mining work permit in Uganda is USD 800 for six months, USD 2500 FOR 12 months, USD 4,000 for 24 months and USD 5000 for 36 months. This excludes the advisory legal fees and processing fees that the firm charges.

Work permits for Investors and Traders in Uganda


The investment climate of Uganda is very conducive to all, both local and foreigners. Many multinational companies are established and have been conducting business in Uganda and the East African region for many years. In the financial sector, multinational companies operating in Uganda include the UK based banks like Absa Bank formerly Barclays Bank, Standard Charted Bank, Stanbic Bank (Standard Bank), and USA’s Citi. Many insurance companies also have a presence in Uganda including Prudential InsuranceBritam Insurance, Jubilee Insurance and many others.  In the business and trade, the big names like Coca Cola, SabMiller.

Persons intending to carry on the business or trade in Uganda apply for work permits under Category D. The applicants need to acquire the following items in order to apply for the work permit to work in Uganda;

  • Fill work permit form
  • Attach Covering letter from company
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Photocopies of the passport
  • Company’s bank statement
  • Uganda Investment Authority license (where applicable)
  • Articles and memorandum of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Income tax clearance
  • Trading license
  • Banking of Uganda Certificate of remittance of US $ 100,000
  • Letter of good conduct from home country / Interpol in country of origin
  • Security bond

The cost of a work permit for a person intending to carry on business in Uganda are USD 1250 for six months, USD 2500 for twelve months, USD 5000 for 24 months, USD 7500 for 36 months.


Expatriates relocating to Uganda for work


If you want to relocate and start working in Uganda, I will say you have made a great choice. Uganda is a safe place to work and a wonderful place to raise your family.

For expatriates intending to work in Uganda, they will apply for work permits under the Category of Class G2. The requirements to be submitted include;

  • Fill Entry Permit form
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Photocopies of passport
  • Academic qualifications
  • Letter of good conduct
  • Appointment letter
  • Attach Covering letter from company
  • Proof of failure to employ a Ugandan
  • Training opportunities for Ugandans
  • Investment letter
  • Income tax clearance
  • Articles and memorandum
  • Trading license
  • Security bond
  • Company’s Bank statement
  • Certificate of incorporation

The official work permit fees to be paid are USD 800 for 6 months, USD 2500 for 12 months, USD 4000 for 24 months, USD 5000 for 36 months.

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