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CR. Amanya Advocates and Solicitors.

CR. Amanya Advocates and Solicitors, Notaries Public and Commissioner for Oaths, are a leading full service law firm in Uganda. The boutique Ugandan law firm provides exquisite and tailor made legal services and solutions for its individual and corporate both domestic and international clients.

CR. Amanya Advocates and Solicitors is an associate firm and exclusive partner of Prae Legal, a global network of Independent lawyers operating with more than 252 law offices worldwide.

Our Practice Areas

Energy & Mining

CRAA advises some of the largest and most established international companies engaged in renewable and non renewable energy sectors

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Employment & Pensions

CRAA offers employment law advice to its clients and assists in preparation and review of employment contracts

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Transport & Infrastructure

CRAA services here under include advice on procurement laws and procedures, liaising with regulatory and licensing authorities

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Banking & Finance

CRAA provides advisory and support services to banks, micro finance institutions, private equity firms ..

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Trademark Law Practice

CRAA handles intellectual property matters including assisting clients with trademarks registration in Uganda…

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CRAA offers employment law advice to its clients and assists in preparation and review of employment contracts..

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Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Debt Collection

We represent our clients in commercial law centered disputes, taxation, land and employment disputes.

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Wills & Estate Planning

We help you to consider the use of Wills, Insurance and Trusts and handle a variety of estate planning matters …

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Real Estate

We advise clients regularly on purchase and sale of land, project establishment and management

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Online Legal Consultation

We provide online legal consultation on all matters.Talk to any of our experienced lawyers

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Our Initiatives

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In the spirit of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, CRAA has established one of the leading law firms in Uganda pro bono programs. Our pro bono commitment is key to who we are and is the reason why many of our lawyers in uganda have made their professional home here. We believe that all lawyers in Uganda have a moral obligation to do pro bono work, and we strive to be the best there is. Our commitment to pro bono is as broad as it is deep. We have no single “signature” project—our program is as diverse as the interests of our legal team and the needs of justice. We have a heavy load of “impact” cases. Our impact cases involve the death penalty, political asylum, election reform, criminalization of speech, media freedom and religious freedom, among many other areas.


CRAA Academy

Besides the legal services in Uganda offered as the leading amongst law firms in Uganda, our firm also offers training services conducted through our training school. The firm is affiliated with C.R. Amanya Academy which is a training academy that offers specialized courses in legal, governance, legislative, economic and management subjects.


Experienced Lawyers

We stand out in our profession for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that our clients are served by hard-working, aggressive and conscientious Lawyers.


  • Non Governmental Organisations and Volunteering in Uganda.

    Uganda is a safe place to live and work. Many international relief organizations are set up in Uganda. Some of these include the Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam and many others. Volunteers, NGO workers and missionaries wanting to move or work in Uganda are required to apply for a work permit under Class G1. The

    November 17, 2020
  • Money Lender Regulations In Uganda.

    Unlike the developed countries where most financial services are formalized and done through banks and formal financial institutions, in Africa there is a lot of informal lending and borrowing. This can explain the great success of initiatives like mobile money. In Uganda for a long time, money lenders operated in an obscure and unregulated manner.

    November 17, 2020
  • Work Permits and Visas for Diplomats working in Uganda

    Diplomats accredited for service in Uganda are required to apply for leave to work in Uganda under Class A category. The documents needed while making the application include;   The Covering/introduction letter from the Embassy Fill the Work permit Form, it is the official entry application form You are required to upload a copy of

    November 17, 2020


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