Caveat. The secret tool to protecting yourself

If you feel your land ownership rights are being threatened or can be alienated by third parties lodge an owner’s caveat. There is nothing that stops a registered proprietor from lodging a caveat on his/her property.  If you are married and derive sustenance from a certain property or consider the property to be matrimonial property […]

Non Governmental Organisations and Volunteering in Uganda.

Uganda is a safe place to live and work. Many international relief organizations are set up in Uganda. Some of these include the Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam and many others. Volunteers, NGO workers and missionaries wanting to move or work in Uganda are required to apply for a work permit under Class G1. The […]

Money Lender Regulations In Uganda.

Unlike the developed countries where most financial services are formalized and done through banks and formal financial institutions, in Africa there is a lot of informal lending and borrowing. This can explain the great success of initiatives like mobile money. In Uganda for a long time, money lenders operated in an obscure and unregulated manner. […]

Work Permits and Visas for Diplomats working in Uganda

Diplomats accredited for service in Uganda are required to apply for leave to work in Uganda under Class A category. The documents needed while making the application include;   The Covering/introduction letter from the Embassy Fill the Work permit Form, it is the official entry application form You are required to upload a copy of […]

Free Zones in Uganda

Uganda finally caught up with the rest of the world in 2014 when the President of Uganda, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni assented to The Free Zones Act, 2014. Other East African countries had already initiated the operation of free zones. In Kenya, the law was operationalized in 1990 whereas, in Tanzania, Special Economic Zones have […]