Caveat. The secret tool to protecting yourself

If you feel your land ownership rights are being threatened or can be alienated by third parties lodge an owner’s caveat. There is nothing that stops a registered proprietor from lodging a caveat on his/her property. 

If you are married and derive sustenance from a certain property or consider the property to be matrimonial property that you contributed to, by all means lodge a spousal caveat. 

If you paid for land and the handover of the title etc is not forthcoming, lodge a caveat to prevent further transfer or reselling of the property, as is common with people in Uganda. 

If your parents or relative left property that you are entitled to or are a beneficiary to, lodge a caveat on the estate property or lands. 

If you or your money lending company lent money to someone, by all means lodge a caveat on your security otherwise enforcement may be tricky. 

If you are a tenant, lawful or bonafide occupant on a piece of land (The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, forbade us to refer to them as “squatters”), lodge a caveat on the title to ensure that your interests and presence on the land is officially recognised. 

All in all, don’t just sit back and hope that the dispute will be resolved, it may be, however protect your interest by lodging a caveat on any land you may be interested in or have a protectable interest in, whether legal or equitable. 

A caveat operates as a statutory injunction to the registrar to prevent registration of any dealings e.g. a sale, transfer, mortgage, subdivision at al, which might affect the interest, the subject of the caveat.

A caveat is lodged by filing an application together with an Affidavit stating reasonable grounds and explaining your interest in the land.  The caveat can always be removed by just filing and applying to the Registrar to it when the matter is settled or threat is resolved. 

So wise up and ensure your interests are safe. Transfer any properties you may have purchased as soon as possible. Stop procrastinating, issues of land are always urgent!

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