Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Debt Collection

CRAA has a solid background in handling arbitration and litigation cases.

We combine our deep experience with vast industry knowledge and bring creativity to each and every assignment relentlessly protecting our clients’ interests.

CRAA is well versed with all forms of dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation and litigation and have handled many high profile and landmark cases.

We represent our clients in commercial law centered disputes, taxation, land and employment disputes, election and constitutional petitions and in local and international arbitration. We can ably represent at all levels of the dispute before including tribunals, regulatory authorities, courts of law and boards.

Debt Collection department; CRAA is a principal debt collector to a number of individuals and companies. Unlike many inexperienced debt collectors who use a “one size fits all” approach all the time with little regard to their client’s debtors’, CRAA regards this approach as not feasible sometimes and our proposed approach is to focus on scheduling and targeting the economically viable accounts first.

At CRAA we believe, and our debt management process is based upon;-

(i) the need to minimize the cost of debt collection and

(ii) a responsive debt collection process that encourages quicker payment.

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