Julie MurungiExecutive Assistant & Business Development Manager


Julie is an Executive Assistant and an administrator in charge of most of the administrative work at the firm. She gives administrative support to the legal team, organizes schedules and meetings, sets up travel arrangements and supervises the support staff.

She assistants organize and track case documentation, making it easily accessible to team members who need it and maintains the firm’s legal data bases.

Julie is also the Business Development Manager at the firm. She specializes in business development, strategic management and organizational development. She is a B.O.D and has practiced for a number of years in various Organizations. Her knowledge of the law affords her an in-depth insight into developing the business of law.

She handles the firm’s business development and is in charge of marketing, branding, client relations winning of work and ensuring that the strategic plans of the firm are being implemented. She is also responsible to ensure that the quality of the work output is in line with the firm’s standards.

  • Bachelors degree of Arts in Economics –  Kyambogo University
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