High Court Summons Jennifer Musisi

jenKampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi Ssemakula has been summoned to appear before the High Court in Kampala on Friday.

Ms Musisi is wanted in court for cross examination over her evidence in form of an affidavit, in a case filed against her by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who is accusing her of, among others, usurping his powers.

The summonses were prompted by Mr Lukwago’s new set of lawyers led by Caleb Alaka before Judge Eldad Mwangushya last week. “My Lord, we still want Ms Musisi to appear in court on that day so that we may cross examine her on her affidavit.” Mr Alaka said.

Judge Mwangushya asked counsel Alaka what would happen if Ms Musisi did not show up on that day. In reply, Mr Alaka said: “If she does not appear in court that day, we disband her affidavit.”

The case had come up for hearing but this was not possible as the judge was presiding over another case. Ms Musisi, who has appeared in court once over the case, was represented by her other counsel Clare Rukundo Kakeeto , who took the responsibility of informing her of her pending court appearance this Friday.

On the contrary, Mr Lukwago was present in court with his supporters and he has been showing up ever since he filed the case in court late last year. The case arose on September 23 last year when Mr Lukwago dragged Ms Musisi to court to check her purported indiscretions in the exercise of her duties in compliance with the KCCA Act.The summonses come at a time when the feud between the two authority heads is high with Mr Lukwago accusing her of setting up juniors to soil his name over allegations that he falsified minutes of a council meeting that had sat to approve Mr Sulaiman Kidandala’s appointment as deputy mayor

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