Lukwago dashes to Supreme Court

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago addresses journalists at City Hall yesterday. he said that he has already established what is in the report from the tribunal and siad therefore that, he is ready for a by election because it seems thats what president Museveni wants and has no option now, othere than going back to the ground and people decide . PHOTO BY FAISWAL KASIRYEKampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has filed an application before the Supreme Courtseeking to reverse Monday’s decision issued by the Court of Appeal that, among others, ordered him out of City Hall hours after he had resumed duty.In an interim injunction filed yesterday, Mr Lukwago wants the Supreme Court to allow him back into office until his appeal challenging Justice Steven Kavuma’s decisionis heard and determined.

He also wants the court to stop the Electoral Commission (EC) from proceeding to organisethe April 17 mayoral by-election pending the determination of his appeal.
Mr Lukwago says Justice Kavuma’s orders as a single judge of Court Appeal are illegal as they have the effect of reversing the decision of the High Court Judge Lydia Mugambe.

By press time, Mr Lukwago’s lawyers led by Mr Abdu Katuntu and Mr Medard Sseggona were trying to have a date fixed for hearing Mr Lukwago’s application.
“The interim orders of stay and injunction sought for are necessary for the achievement of ends of justice,” Mr Lukwago states in his affidavit supporting the application.

In his affidavit, Mr Sseggona states that when he learnt of the hearing of the exparte (one sided) application before justice Kavuma on Monday, he rushed to Court of Appeal but Justice Kavuma could not allow him be on record.

On Monday, Mr Lukwago along with his supporters, made a triumphant entry to the City Hall and he resumed work after months of being barred from accessing the his office by the executive on grounds that he was impeached.
However, his stay in office was temporal as the Attorney General secured an injunctive order from court barring Mr Lukwago from performing his duties.

Justice Kavuma’s orders also overturned the earlier orders of High Court Judge Lydia Mugambe that had among others given Mr Lukwago a lease of life to return to office.
Justice Kavuma ordered Mr Lukwago not to perform any functions of the Lord Mayor until the AG’s appeal is heard and determined.